Connie Tindale
Connie Tindale


Thank you for wanting to know about me and my life. For my thoughts on various topics, have a look at my Blog page.

I am married with two children and two grandchildren. Being passionate about the archaeology of England and Egypt, I have devloped sevceral websites relating to Luxor and its history. Having spent most of my working life in Academia I took early retirement and explored the world before splitting my time between writing and being Chairman of a children's charity. The proceeds of my writing are still donated to this cause.  

Before being banned from entering Egypt in 2014 for criticising the slaughter of protestors in Rabaa Square in Cairo on Facebook following the military coup, I spent sixteen years dividing my time between my home in rural Norfolk, England, and a village on the west bank of the Nile in Upper Egypt.

 My career has been varied and I was fortunate to work in London in the early 1960s when you could walk into a job one day and then walk into another the next. The shortest I held a job for was one week with a shipping firm in the City. It was awful but I was able to start a new job the next Monday. Those days are long gone.

As a mother who needed work that fitted in with schools hours but lived in an area where jobs were as rare as hen's teeth, I worked in horticulture for seven years before returning to education and gaining a Business Degree then a Master’s Degree in Educational Research from the University of East Anglia.  I am a qualified teacher and during my years in education tutored around 2,000 adult students in Accountancy and Statistics.

I have an interest in raising self-esteem in women and was involved in various women’s support groups. When acting as an Internet adviser to women with problems, I used the name Cassandra which was a good choice of name as Cassandra was an Oracle who could see the future, but she had been cursed never to be believed so consequently her predictions were ignored. It is much the same with the advice I gave.

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1993 after suffering years of mysterious and transient symptoms. At first the diagnosis threw me completely but then I decided that I had little alternative but to live with it rather than die from it so I have let it affect the decisions I made in my life as little as possible.

As a result of the experiences I had, I have published a range of books over the years including guides to Raising Self Esteem, Creating Bonsai Trees, Planning Japanese Gardens and Guides to Luxor as well as my first novel - The Fall of Thebes. Its sequel, The Fall of Alexandria should be published at the end of 2016.

Connie Tindale - January 2016