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14th June - Writing Blog

I belong to a village writing group and each month we have ‘homework’ to complete.  Generally, this involves writing a 500 word piece which has to include items picked by the members.  This month the items were – a decorative box, a candle, a glasses case and a telephone box.  The same exercise is repeated during the meetings but with a different set of items and a time limit of twenty minutes.  Trying to write micro fiction around disparate items in that short space of time is not easy but it is disciplined.  Try it. 

At first I was convinced that even after writing several books and a novel that I would not be able to do it.  I was wrong.  The brain takes over and links the items in entirely unexpected ways.  This was my effort, what would yours be?  What item would you focus on?

If you have thoughts about writing and there is a writing group close to you then join it. It is always interesting to discover what others make of the same information given to you and to learn what they think of your ideas and style.

The Final Power Cut

There was another power cut.  The fifth of the day and no way of contacting anyone as the cottage was in a mobile blackspot.  Without power she could not even get onto the Internet to ask for advice.  There was no alternative, she had to get to the phone box on the village green.  All the lights would be out but she would take the torch with her.  The batteries were dying but it was better than nothing.  Trying to conserve what little battery power was left, she had scrabbled for spare candles and not found any.  The only light she had was from the scented candle that stood in the fireplace.  If the worst came to the worst she could use the mobile for light for a while before that battery died to.  She could wait out the storm hoping that the power would be restored but she knew from experience that it might be days before things in the village got back to normal. 

Clouds completely covered the night sky so there was not even a glimmer of light from the moon despite its fullness.  A lightning flash illuminated the devastation that had once been her garden.  The big apple tree’s branches now reached her front door as it lay in a woeful heap with its roots sticking up in the air.  Beneath it lay her prized roses, crushed beyond saving. 

If she went out would she too become beyond saving and even if she got to the red box on the green and managed to reach the priest, would he come out on such a night.?  She turned and peered into the darkness of the other side of the room outside of the candle’s glow.  Judith’s bible was on the sideboard inside the decorative box that she so cherished.  Could the bible bring solace?  Without her glasses she would not be able to read it even if she could locate it.  They were not in their case so they could be anywhere. 

Judith was dying.  Her breath was so shallow.  She had taken the candle and checked on her a short time ago.  She could not imagine life without Judith.  Just the thought filled her with despair.  Grabbing the torch and her coat, she went over to the front door and tried to open it.  Fallen branches had blocked it.  Was it an omen that she should stay where she was?  Judith needed Last Rights.  She needed her sins removed before her final breath.  Was she one of those sins?  Guilt racked her.  What should she do?

The candle was burning down.  Time was slipping away.  She lifted the candle and went back into Judith’s room, checking on her one last time. She lay on the bed beside her and stroked her hair then kissed her cheek before setting fire to the bedclothes.  They had been together in life and would now be together in death.  The priest was not needed.  Love was enough. 

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