Connie Tindale
Luxor - Love and Lust

Luoixr: Love & Lust


Luxor is famous for its temples and tombs but it is also famous for its Gigolos. However, wherever you are in the world, when you mix unhappy people with handsome young men in need an easy income you get broken hearts, bankruptcy and often soul-withering bitterness.  This guide outlines the pitfalls of such relationships and gives tips on how to avoid falling into them. 

Egypt has been used as an example only because it is the holiday destination you are most likely to read about in salacious newspaper reports of ‘my toy boy lover stole all my money’ variety and it is where I lived for many years.
The advice offered adapts easily to any country that offers cheap holidays in the sun: Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Gambia, Kenya, Jamaica, Dominica, Gambia, West Africa, et al.  Many of the countries are in fact Muslim but it applies to anywhere that lonely people are likely to visit and young partners are willing to fulfil their fantasies of starting a new life in the sun.   

This is not an expose, it is a Sugar Mamma survival guide as the Gigolo scenario can be hard to deal with.

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Reviews for Luxor: Love & Lust

Format: Paperback
This book has been extremely well written, and is unfortunately based on facts as they happen between marriages of Egyptian and foreigners. I would urge anybody out there that is thinking of embarking on a relationship with an Egyptian to read this book and take serious note of its contents. It is a shame that this book is not available on passenger flights to and from Egypt, as it may well save a few broken hearts. Well done Connie Tindale for putting this book out there, it is a long time overdue.......

Format: Paperback
This is definately an invaluable book for anyone thinking of embarking into love with an Egyptian man. Connie Tindale, gives you the insight and pitfalls of being married to an Egyptian. Every woman should read this book if they are planning a 'Shirley Valentine'. Being an Exsugar Mamma I found this book a fantastic read could not put the book down. I wish I had read a book like this 4 years ago before I set out for Luxor. A brilliant Author and a fascinating read. a must read.

Format: Paperback
I wish I had read this book before I travelled to Luxor. Invaluable reality check.