Connie Tindale
A Path Through the Japanese Garden
APath Through the Japanese Garden

A manual for the design and construction of a Japanese-style garden. The principles on which Japanese gardens are built are explained along with adaptable ideas for any space or size of garden.


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144 pages - 2002

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Amazon Review
17 Dec 2002 - 5 stars
I've collected and read many volumes on Japanese garden design over the years, visited public and private niwa both here in the US and in Japan, and incorporarted their principles in my environment-design practice since the 1960s. This one is among my favorites, addressing both traditional philosophy and practices, and practical "adaptions" of them to modern/international garden creation. Frankly, I expected it to only be a "superficial-overview", compared to "bigger, thicker" texts, but was pleasently surprised with the number of more precisely-presented and new-to-me ideas in almost every section and some most eye-openingly helpful sketches and photos. I definitely plan on giving copies of this one to some of my gardening friends!